Artist creates insanely tiny, detailed starship papercrafts

Credit: David Canavese

There are cool papercraft creations, and then there are these incredibly tiny Star Wars papercrafts by David Canavese. They're so small you need a magnifying glass just to see all the details.

We're not sure what compelled Canavese to build these itty bitty little Star Wars starships, other than pure love for George Lucas' galactic saga. Just look at them — they're adorable. The Millennium Falcon is half an inch long and it fits on your fingertip! Canavese writes on his website that it took about eight hours to craft the Falcon, and some of his other creations took over a week.

And it's not like these starships are just crude outlines: each one is detailed right down to the exact number of engine blocks and bridges. You really have to see them to believe they're real. No doubt, Canavese's creations required some serious dedication and patience.

OtherLife, via Nerd Approved

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