3D printing cafe lets your lover eat your gummy form

Credit: FabCafe

In Japan, Valentine's Day is a one way street, when girls usually give guys chocolate or gifts. A month later, on "White Day," guys reciprocate by giving girls gifts. Well, yesterday was White Day in Japan, and Tokyo's FabCafe came up with a bizarre treat for men to give their sweethearts.

FabCafe chose nine males to get their bodies scanned and turned into 3D printed gummies. Custom-made 3D-printed gummies don't come cheap, though: each fella paid about $62 to get gummi-fied. Sadly, the gummies themselves aren't life-size, but they do come in different colors and flavors.

3D printing food and candy is hardly new, but this level of customization is beyond fascinating because it adds a whole new level of thoughtfulness to gift giving. Imagine the look on your significant other's face when you give them a 3D gummy of your body to chew on. The gummy alone shows that you put some serious thought into the gift, even if it is downright creepy to be biting your boyfriend or girlfriend's head, arms and limbs off.

Did you really expect something more "normal" from the folks who 3D printed faces onto chocolates last month? Probably not. Here's to hoping FabCafe plans more of these 3D printable snack workshops for other holidays and events.

FabCafe, via PSFK

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