Video: Why do we age?

Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown of YouTube channel asapScience ask a fundamental question in their most recent video: Why do we age?

This is an especially interesting topic when you consider the often extreme efforts we humans go to in order to reverse or slow down the aging process. So, Moffit and Brown set out to learn more about aging. In particular they wanted to determine just what is it about our bodies or cells biologically that causes us grow old.

We already know about the various elements that can positively or negatively influence our health, like diet, exercise, smoking, and so fourth. But this video goes a step further to examine the real science behind aging. Moffit and Brown point to our genetic makeup, that code that has an embedded biological clock, limiting our lifespan.

To them, this means that we're "programmed to die" at a certain time, and it operates at least somewhat separately from how often we visit the tanning bed or drink a soda. In other words, the biological factors are as strong as the environmental ones. Watch the video to learn more about how our family histories contribute to how long we'll all live.

YouTube, via io9

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