Video uses Nokia 3D Maps for stunning global flyover

Today, online tools like Google Maps and Street View allow us to intimately explore distant cities and landscapes in ways never before possible. Now, one user took the Nokia 3D Maps service and cobbled together a stunning video that better illustrates exactly what we currently have at our fingertips.

Created by filmmaker Paul Wex, the video is called "Wide Web World" and it takes viewers on a virtual flyover tour of locales including New York, Toronto, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco, Miami, London, Vienna, Berlin, Sydney and Melbourne, Australia. Wex used the 3D aerial views on Nokia's map service and methodically took screenshots of all the views at high resolution. He then processed the images in Final Cut Pro, adding a few lens flares to give some camera-style realism to the footage.

As one commenter on the video's homepage mentions, this isn't so much about the quality of the virtual building renders, it's more about the fact that we can now effortlessly travel the globe and get an extremely realistic sense of a place we may never actually visit. You can view the entire two-minute presentation in the video below.

Via Vimeo

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