Apple patent shows Smart Cover that wirelessly charges your iPad

Credit: Apple

While the Apple haters are chirping about fluctuating stock prices, global market share versus Android, and the departure of the famed Reality Distortion Field, the company is apparently keeping its eye on the ball in terms of innovation. A new patent application has just turned up that indicates the company has plans to make its hit tablet computer even more effective.

In the patent application discovered by 9to5Mac, the iPad cover is referred to using the same Smart Cover name that Apple uses for its current tablet cover. It also appears to share the same foldable design as the current Smart Cover. However, the added feature in this patent describes the same cover as also serving as a wireless device charging station through inductive charging. The patent also details how the cover would work, stating that the cover would be able to charge the iPad in the display position or in the closed position.

Of course, this document doesn't ensure that Apple will release such a Smart Cover in the future, but given the growing popularity of inductive charging, we wouldn't be surprised to see this hit Apple Stores at some point. If Apple does build-in wireless charging, we sincerely hope it uses the Qi inductive power standard that just about every other company uses. You can dive into the full-length details of the patent here.

Via 9to5Mac

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