3D art exhibit suspends clouds in glass display cases

Leandro Erlich makes beautifully surreal artwork that puts a unique spin on commonplace things. His most recent installation, called Single Cloud Collection, was on display at the Galeria Ruth Benzacar in Argentina back in 2012.

In an October 2008 interview Erlich said, " like most of my projects, the idea came from the consideration of everyday architecture. I'm interested in the background places that hold our experiences and emotions on a daily basis, even though we are unaware of them."

Erlich self-identifies as an "architect of the uncertain," and that's pretty clear after a quick glance at Single Cloud Collection. This whimsical series involved "capturing" clouds inside glass display cases. But it's really more of a visual effect, since he relied on image layering to acheive the interesting 3-D look.

Click through the gallery to see clouds in a completely different way.

Leandro Erlich, via My Modern Met

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