'Invisible' bicycle would make Wonder Woman proud

Credit: Jimmy Kuehnle

Laugh all you want at his silly see-through vinyl outfit, but this guy has an invisible bicycle (sorta) and you don't. Made out of Lexan "bullet proof glass," artist Jimmy Kuehnle's bike is almost entirely transparent, with the exception of the wheel's chain, bearings, and rubber wheels.

We've seen attempts at invisible bikes before — specifically the Moto Undone that used a mirrored finish to reflect its surroundings — but Kuehnle's bike is unlike any other. It doesn't look particularly comfortable to ride on for long periods, either. As Geekologie noted, Wonder Woman would be proud of this "invisible" bike.

To really complete this invisible bike, Kuehnle should pick up one of those invisible bike helmets. For more pictures of Kuehnle's see-through bike project, check out the gallery below. You can also see his other bizarre bike creations (such as this bike that draws) over at his website.

Jimmy Kuehnle, via Geekologie

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