Gallery: Perfectly symmetrical Tokyo is a real-life Tron

Credit: Shinichi Higashi

Tokyo, like so many densely-populated cities, is the perfect backdrop for a sci-fi movie when nightfall kicks in and the neon turns on. While many photographers know how to take gorgeous long exposures, flickr user "sinkdd," better known as Shinichi Higashi, does so differently: he takes a long exposure shot and then mirrors it, compositing it into one symmetrical masterpiece, too perfect to ever exist in reality.

Higashi's photo set titled "graffiti of speed / mirror of symmetry" reminds us of the light trails from the futuristic world of Tron. Each photo is carefully composited so that the viewer can't see the seam at which it is mirrored.

While many photographers swear by a specific camera or brand, Higashi is a master of multiple cameras made by a variety of brands, including an Olympus E-520 and E-620, Sigma DP1s, and Nikon D90 and D7000. Higashi's work is a reminder of the old adage that you don't need a fancy camera to take great photos, you just need to have creativity.

Below are some of Higashi's photos that he has made available under Creative Commons. To see his full (and much more colorful) collection of mirrored Tokyo long exposures, head on over to his flickr.

Shinichi Higashi's flickr, via MyModernMet

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