Arctic umbrellas concept could restore the polar ice caps

Frank Gehry and Zaha Hadid may have cornered the market on futuristic architecture made real, but a new generation of designers is coming up with ideas that continue to push the boundaries of imagination married with technology. A prime example is the latest winner of the annual Skyscraper Competition held by architecture magazine Evolo.

Designed by Derek Pirozzi, the winning entry is called the Polar Umbrella, and it delivers an incredibly ambitious vision for the future that would not only help the environment, but also create fascinating new tourist attractions. The super-structures would serve as an immediate solution to help restore the polar ice shelf by using internal chambers to freeze ocean water.

The Polar Umbrella building would also feature a helicopter landing pad, an observation catwalk for tourists, research facilities, adjustable solar energy panels that flap out like an umbrella, weather balloons to analyze the environment, and an underwater eco-habitat to help preserve local wildlife.

With a design that is attractive as it is practical, we can only hope that something like this becomes a reality in the near future, if only for the sake of our ice caps. You can get a better look at the Polar Umbrella in the gallery below. 

Via Evolo

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