Smartphone accessory makes your car smarter, too

With all the wearable gadgets being offered to measure the health of our bodies, it seems odd that there aren't more devices designed to monitor the health of the machines we use on a daily basis. The Automatic Link offers such a solution for car drivers, delivering a tool that appears to be as easy to use as a FitBit or Nike Fuel bracelet.

The Automatic Link device is a pocket-sized unit that you attach to your car's data port, which then connects wirelessly to your smartphone via an app. Once connected, it can track your trips, measure your efficiency in terms of driving style, display local gas prices, and decipher the technical jargon associated with various engine warning alerts. Perhaps the best feature of the device is its emergency function that automatically contacts 911 in the event of a crash, and then sends a text message to your specified family members.

The Automatic Link will work with just about all gasoline-powered cars sold in the U.S. since 1996, and will run you about $70. Look for availability for iPhone users in May and Android users sometime in the fall. In the meantime, you can see the device in action in the video below. 

Via Automatic

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