Concept pollution mask maps city air quality in real-time

Credit: Frog Design

Now that pollution problems plaguing China are out in the open, local residents have begun to lodge protests with the government in hopes of saving the country's environmental future. One report even predicts that the country's already horrendous pollution could increase by 70 percent in the coming decade if emission standards aren't changed. In response to this growing concern, Frog Design's Shanghai branch has come up with a concept pollution mask and smartphone app designed to protect Chinese residents from the crippling smog.

The AirWavemask would feature particle sensors allowing users to view real-time data about the air they are breathing on their smartphones. In addition to personal measurements, the associated smartphone app would allow users to view shared air quality data from others users in different neighborhoods and nearby cities.

According to the design firm, issues such as battery life, Bluetooth connectivity, and the actual design of the particle filter are keeping this idea in the concept phase for now, but it nevertheless paves the way toward a more robust and efficient kind of mask as China faces a growing environmental challenge in the coming years. You can check out a few more images of the concept mask in the gallery below.


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