This tiny plug is a thermometer for your smartphone

The smart thermostat known as the Nest has received a lot of well-earned praise, but for those of us who live in apartments where the heating and cooling systems aren't under our direct control, the beautiful device may be of limited use. However, for all you environmental geeks out there, there's another way to harness technology to measure the environment using your smartphone.

Created by a team of developers in Denmark operating under the name Robocat, the Thermodo is tiny attachment that fits into your smartphone or tablet's headphone jack (iOS or Android) and instantly becomes a thermometer once you start up the associated app. The device operates using passive temperature sensor embedded into the audio jack and requires no external power or batteries.

Originally started as a Kickstarter campaign, the device has already blown far past its goal of $35,000 with nearly a month to go. Priced at $19, the Thermodo won't ship until August, but in the meantime you can take a look at how it works in the video below. 

Via Kickstarter

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