Futuristic, flowing cultural center destined for China

Zaha Hadid Architects won the bid to build a massive cultural center on the edge of Meixi Lake in Changsha, China. They began construction on this gorgeous complex last October, which consists of three separate buildings united by walkways and a center atrium.

Here's the design firm on their building plans:

Although these civic institutions are uniquely defined and separate, they supply each other in all respects within its setting with plazas offering visitors a tapestry-like sequence of urban ambiances that relate to the different institutions, inject the site with urban vitality. Embodying values of functionality, elegance and innovation, the Changsha Meixi Lake International Culture & Arts Centre aims to become the new cultural and civic node for the city of Changsha, and well as a global cultural destination.

The Grand Theatre will be the largest of the three buildings with an 1,800-seat capacity. There's also a museum and a smaller theater that seats 500 in the works. Click through the gallery below to see the mock-ups of this contemporary masterpiece.

Via Dezeen

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