Designers build vibrant mosaic wall out of colored pencils

As part of Toronto's Interior Design Show, Andrea Kordos, Joe Knight, Tony Round, and Sarah Knight of blackLAB Architects decided to work together on a very unique exhibit. They made a 14′ x 6′ wall installation for a showcase called colourSPACE. This large mosaic features roughly 12,000 colorful pencils that obscure "the connections between architecture, art, graphic design, and cinematography."

The gradient of colored pencils ranges from black on the edges to white near the center and features 25 different colors overall. We aren't sure why they decided to use pencils for the exhibit, but it definitely looks neat. Explore the gallery below for a closer look at colourSPACE from blackLAB Architects. Also, check out the video to see how the designers mapped out this tedious project. Would you have the patience to individually place thousands of pencils?

Vimeo, via My Modern Met

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