Ben Heck crams a PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U into all-in-one chassis

Credit: Ben Heck

Among the gamer and geek crowd, modder and DIY-er Ben Heck is a legend and god. There's probably nothing Heck can't do. Come on, the guy even solved how to eat Hot Pockets without taking your hands off a controller. This time, he's building one of his most challenging consoles yet: an all-in-one monster that combines a PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii U. That's three consoles in one!

It may not be the prettiest thing, but Heck's "Ultimate Combo System" would definitely streamline our entertainment centers. Instead of having a gazillion wires snaking out of three game consoles, there'd only be coming out of one box. Actual details are still tightly guarded, but from what we can make out on the wooden console, the Xbox 360 sits on the bottom, with the Wii U on top of that, and the PS3 at the very top. 

For such an epic undertaking, Heck and Revision3 are releasing the construction process in three video parts (the first is below). Watch as Heck cracks open one of the newer slim PlayStation 3 consoles and waxes poetic about how cool the internal power supply unit is. Also, be sure to stick around until the 14:39 mark to see the console cases re-assemble and fall to their doom recycle themselves into the trash bin. Part two and three will come out on March 15 and March 23, respectively.

The Ben Heck Show, via Kotaku

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