Virtual library concept would bring books to subways

Riding on the subway can get mighty boring. The New York City metro system, in particular, has no Internet connection on most routes. So, how are you supposed to pass the time? Sure, you could listen to music or space out for a bit, but here's an interesting concept that could make the ride more enjoyable.

The New York Public Library's "Underground Library" concept would offer a virtual library of sorts right on the train using near-field communication (NFC). The ultimate goal of this campaign would be to get people back to the libarary, and here's how: when you see a NY Public Library poster in your train car, you just swipe your smartphone against it and you'd get free instant access to a sample of a current best seller to read right there on the subway. So, the first ten pages would be free, and then you'd be directed to a local library branch to continue reading a hard copy of the book.

Check out the video for more details.

Vimeo, via Dezeen

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