Meet the paintball gun that responds to your tweets

Paintball Gun
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This seems like an interesting way to harness one's frustrating moments. Instead of sending your negative thoughts out into the ether, why not tweet your rage out, and deal real paintball damage? IStrategyLabs has just that: a paintball gun rigged up to fire off a round every time you include the hastag #ISLPaint in your tweet.

The automated paintball turret is called PaintBot and is the work of social media agency IStrategyLabs. It's set up in their offices, mounted on a tripod steadied by wood, and has its sights on a piece of canvas. The gun is hooked up to an Arduino that is programmed to respond to the special hashtag.

There are some drawbacks — the most important being the lack of a livestream of the gun so you can see your handiwork in all it's glory. We probably won't be completely satisfied with hashtag triggered mayhem until we can actually see it, right? But IStrategyLabs assures us improvements are in the works because after all, if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to see or hear it, did it really happen? One could easily wonder that about our loaded tweets at this point.

The idea of taking out your frustrations via a tweet is a great little stunt. So here's hoping IStrategyLabs gets their PaintBot up in working order and visible for all of us with an itchy trigger — err, Twitter — fingers to play with. Oh, the sweet relief of being able to share with the masses and deface a piece of canvas with your splat of paint.

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Paintbot: A New Tweet to Shoot Social Machine from iStrategyLabs on Vimeo.