How about a private submarine for $2 million?

Credit: Image via Pocket-Lint

Here’s something you probably didn’t know you wanted: a personal submarine. Though the world of private submarines is clearly only new to me. I’ve never really considered having a personal submarine before, but now I’m itching to find a cool $2 million lying around so I can traverse the lonely seas.

The sub in question is the Orcasub by Spymaster. It’s 22 feet long and weighs 4 tons. This bad boy can descend 1,000 feet with its (metaphorical) eyes closed, and it’s easy to control: just a joystick and pedals. It’s based on the principles of flight, so it moves much like a small plane might (hence the joystick).

It’s even shaped like a futuristic plane, with two little glass pods that offer a 360 degree view of the ocean depths. A world you can hang out in for 80 hours before the battery (thus driver I guess) dies.

All told, the Orcasub can descend about 2,000 feet. There are versions that cost a bit more and go a bit deeper, but frankly I’m good with the 2,000. Now to find a private island off of which I can deploy this thing ….

Via Pocket Lint

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