Gallery: Here's what wood looks like zapped with 15,000 volts

Electric Wood
Credit: Melanie Hoff

We've done a few reports on artists playing around with electricity. We've seen what does to plastic blocks— now we can see what happens to a plank of wood when it's hit with with 15,000 volts.

Artist Melanie Hoff attached cables carrying the charge to various places along the board and achieved some interesting results. For those of us who have seen electricity drawn into objects - it will seem familiar with spreading tentacles. Definitely fascinating, but worth remembering it's the work of some serious power.

How one chooses to interpret the spread of the volts is up to the viewer — in some cases I see trees, what rivers look like from airplanes, or even the creep of a glacier — all things that interestingly enough resemble things we already see in nature. It seems like nature likes certain patterns.

Check out the video of the artist in action, and a gallery of the finished result. What do you see?

Via Trendhunter

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