Concrete tent will shield you from the zombie apocalypse

Concrete Tent
Credit: Via PSFK

Okay, perhaps there are some other uses beside a zombie invasion that might call for a compact tent that turns into concrete. Military deployed in the field and those in need after a natural disaster might appreciate a portable, flexible tent that could become a durable, liveable structure with the addition of water.

The Concrete Canvas Shelter is made by a U.K.-based company and is delivered in a flat-pack, protected from air and water until ready for use. The tent is inflated via an electric fan and is made from a concrete impregnated canvas that turns into concrete after adding water. If it sounds a little beyond the average person — never fear — testing showed two ordinary joes could put this together in about an hour. Once the water is added, it takes about 24 hours to harden into a sturdy, fire and waterproof dwelling.

If you want to call it a bunker we wouldn't blame you.

The civilian version of the Concrete Canvas Shelter comes in two sizes: 25 square meters and 50 square meters. No word on the cost and you'll have to email for more details, but in the meantime, you can check out how it works in the video below.


Concrete Canvas, via PSFK

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