Virtual reality treadmill adds your legs as a gaming controller

Credit: Virtuix Omni

With new gadgets like the Oculus Rift, virtual reality is finally starting to build steam as a highly anticipated feature for gaming in a way 3D could never muster. Soon to be a Kickstarter project, the Virtuix Omni is a virtual reality "treadmill" that uses your legs as part of the controller.

Info on the Omni is scarce, but from what we can tell, the current prototype appears to use a hacked Kinect hooked up to modded PC games such as Skyrim and Crysis Warhead. The tester in the video is also clearly using some kind of head-mounted display with built-in head-tracking, but we can't identify the specific unit from the video.

According to Virtuix's website:

"Applications of omni-directional movement in virtual reality stretch far beyond gaming: training and simulation, fitness and exercising, virtual tourism, virtual tradeshows and events, virtual meet-ups and multi-person adventures, virtual workplaces, virtual museums, physical therapy, VR architecture, VR concerts, etc. The possibilities are limitless. Virtual reality is the future."

Below is a computer-generated design for the Omni:

Here's what Skyrim looks like when played with the Omni:

And Crysis Warhead:

While we wait for more details to trickle in on the Omni, tell us what your initial impression is. Do you actually want to move your legs to game? Or would you still prefer to use your thumbs to control analog sticks?

YouTube, via Kotaku and Virtuix Omni

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