Video: It's Audi versus Audi in one epic paintball duel

Car companies show us death-defying races, liken cars to spaceships and even employing the skills of mini-Darth Vader to get us to pay attention. But a new video spot from Audi does away with all the familiar tropes and gives us what we've always really wanted: hood-mounted weapons primed to take down another car with the push of a button.

Of course the guns aren't really weapons but merely paintball guns. However, that colorfully non-lethal detail takes nothing away from the sheer awesomeness of watching the two cars stalk each other within a giant military aircraft hangar obstacle course. The video spot was put together as a promotion for Audi's new 2013 RS 4 Avant model. The vehicle itself doesn't give off the air of muscle car; in fact, it mostly looks like a family car.

Nevertheless, give the road test drivers at Audi credit for coming up with possibly one of the few accoutrements that could make such a sedate car look, well, bad-ass. You can check out the Audi paintball duel in the video below. 

Via YouTube

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