Secret Door uses Google to magically transport you around the globe

Google is great at creating innovative software solutions that help us explore and understand our world a bit better. And while inventions like Glass prove that the company is getting better at mixing art and science, they still have a ways to go. However, a fascinating example of just how far Google's data can be pushed is currently being shown off via a new website called The Secret Door.

Hosted by U.K. window and door replacement company Safe Style, The Secret Door shows the visitor a virtual door, done up in gothic style and accompanied by an instrumental music track straight from the enchanted forest. When the visitor clicks on the door a virtual hand is shown pushing the door open, and that's when the fun begins. Using the indoor feature of Google Street View, the site takes you to hundreds of places with panoramic controls that give you the sense that you really do have a magic transporter door into hundreds of interiors around the world.

And every time you click to move to a new location, a cool "wooshing" sound activates, thus enhancing the feeling of being virtual transported to a new locale. You can check it out for yourself here

The Secret Door, via Google Maps Mania

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