'Invisible keyboard' concept could end cramped typing on tablets

Credit: TechCrunch

Tired of that cramped touchscreen keyboard on your smartphone or tablet? We feel ya. At this year's Mobile World Conference in Barcelona, Fujitsu revealed a concept for what is essentially an invisible keyboard. Instead of typing on a physical keyboard, a person can type on any surface directly in front of a tablet and the device's front-facing camera will intelligently track his/her fingers, according to TechCrunch.

At first glance, Fujitsu's keyboard seems to be very similar to infrared keyboards, except it doesn't need to project any keys. TechCrunch says the concept was shown running on a Fujitsu Windows 8 tablet, and that "the system gets a feel for the features and movements of a user's hands to determine their placement on a keyboard that really isn't there."

The optimized finger-tracking software is also reportedly capable of distinguishing skin color, which means it can (theoretically) determine who is typing, and restrict input access only to authorized users.

At the moment, Fujitsu's invisible keyboard is only a proof-of-concept, but TechCrunch reports the company is considering it as a feature for future tablets and smartphones. Assuming the finger tracking is solid, we could definitely see Fujitsu's invisible keyboard concept work on mobile devices, where available display real estate is limited by the device's screen size.

Via TechCrunch

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