Heated pedestrian bridge keeps the winter elements away

Winter is not my favorite season. Basically, I'm a clutz and bundling up in layers of gortex doesn't do me any favors. So, while I'm down for watching snow fall from inside my warm house, running errands — you know, actually doing stuff — can be a real pain. Especially if your primary mode of transportation is on foot or bicycle.

That's where Sweden's Tullhus Bridge comes in. This heated, cold weather-proof paradise is a nice break on your trip through the frozen urban jungle. The railings are bedazzled with LEDs and the walkway stays snow-free thanks to a built-in hot air system.

And Erik Andersson Architects also managed to pull off a pretty stylish design with the Tullhus Bridge. It's sleek and unassuming, but definitely has me sold. Too bad it's all the way in Norrköping, Sweden — that's about 100 miles southwest of Stockholm.

Via designboom

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