Eco-retreat concept is not your average cabin in the woods

Frank Tjepkema of design house Tjep has imagined this multi-level getaway home that opens with huge double doors on two sides that span the whole length of the building. Called Isolée, this green retreat is about as energy efficient as it gets. The idea behind Isolée is to "unplug" from everyday life and bask in its sheer simplicity. Here's designer Tjepkema on his recent project:

My approach was the same as if I were making making a piece of furniture. Rather than a solid block of concrete for the foundation, for instance, I set the house on an elegant four-legged base, as if it were a cabinet. Minimal footprint.

Included with the cabinet vibe and giant dollhouse doors, there's a "smart" heating system that's built into the frame of the house and a solar tree that moves around to maximize energy absorption. I'm not sure how I feel about hanging out in a cabinet, but Isolée actually looks like a fairly open design that lets in a good bit of light. Take a peek at the gallery - would you want to vacation here?

Tjep, via Dezeen

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