Bottle opening iPhone case encourages more drunk Tweeting

People are more prone to send out embarrassing Tweets and texts when they've had a few drinks, so if want them to dish the dirt (and you know you do), you need to be sure that absolutely nothing is holding them back from downing a few.

The Fortress 2 iPhone 5 case from X-Gear ensures that you can get tricky bottles open with a built in bottle opener set nearly flush into the side of the case. Most people have their phones near them at all times, so it's likely to be there when you need it.

Bottle opener aside, the Fortress 2 looks like a pretty tough case for your iPhone. Machined from a solid billet of aluminum, it comes in seven different colors including pink and purple. Check out the gallery to see some of the options.

The Fortress 2 iPhone 5 case is available now for about $100, while a fancier version with a screen protector is also available for an additional $10.

X-Gear Live, via Technabob


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