The Bat: because that's what you call a flying mouse


We're still checking our sources, but KIBARDIN design doesn't actually seem to be a subsidiary of Wayne Enterprises. That hasn't stopped them from whipping up some concept renderings of a computer mouse that's totally superhero worthy.  When free of your hand's weight, The Bat mouse floats roughly an inch and a half above its pad using some sort of magnet system. And while I'm sure you could force it to the ground, the weight of your hand won't be enough to get it there. 

The main purpose of The Bat isn't awesome comic book references: it was designed to prevent and treat carpal tunnel syndrome — something that many avid computer users suffer from. You see, carpal tunnel syndrome comes from pressure on the median nerve  the nerve in the wrist that supplies feeling and movement to parts of the hand. By lifting that nerve off of the desk, designer Vadim Kibardin hopes to alleviate the numbness and muscle damage that carpal tunnel can create. If only the rest of the world's remedies came in awesome, floating packages.


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