Video shows Nemo readying to sucker punch East Coast

Nemo from space
Credit: NASA

If you aren't currently looking out the window looking at about two feet of snow, you are probably watching a bit of the coverage on TV. There's no doubt the no'easter Nemo had packed a powerful punch. When you watch footage of the storm building via satellite imagery it's easy to understand why Nemo has become such a monster.

NASA has just released an animation of what was to become Nemo, taken from images from the GOES-13 satellite shot from February 6 through February 8. Two low pressure systems can be seen building and barrelling towards a nasty head-on hit over the East Coast.

The picture above was taken at 9:01 a.m. ET captures the general time the two storms came together over the Northeastern corridor. Areas from Boston to Maine are already reporting record snow accumulations and wave levels according to the Twitter feed from the National Weather Service, @usNWSgov.

Stay warm and dry everyone!

Via NASA, Huffington Post