Indoor garden housed in desk makes you forget work (almost)

Terrarium Desk
Credit: Daniel Zeller

There's no shortage of people coming up with ways to bring more plants indoors. Big or small, indoor plants beautify our space, and for some they are a soothing reminder of the  world outside. This unusual terrarium desk brings the plants right to your workspace so you can easily rest your senses while working.

The Terrarium Desk comes from Daniel Zeller, a Norwegian product developer who wanted to make something to help the combat wintertime blues with a little bit of green. The dark wood desk houses a terrarium is a tempered glass storage drawer; a window in the middle of the desk top shows off the gently lit garden.

Need to give the plants a little TLC? Just pull the drawer from the side and you've got instant access to your private garden.

The desk is just what we need on gray days when we get cabin fever in our cube farms. Perhaps some progressive company will adopt a version of this desk to keep their workers happy, and it become the next big thing!

Daniel Zeller, via Treehugger