Forget parking, this electric scooter folds up like wheeled luggage

Electric Scooter
Credit: via Gizmag

Space is at a premium in urban areas. That goes for both your housing and parking these days, so vehicles that can accommodate small spaces are becoming a must-have for city dwellers. That's the idea behind the MOVEO a scooter buff enough to carry you through traffic, but dainty enough to fold up and be wheeled like a suitcase into small spaces.

At a sleek 55 pounds with a seat directly mounted on the chassis, the scooter features an enclosed body to keep all the gritty parts in check during folding mode. The scooter keeps up a 28 mph pace propelled by in-wheel motors and fully charged, the battery will give you a range of 22 miles - taking about an hour to top up.

While it may not be ready for the Autobahn, that's not really the goal of the MOVEO. This little putt-putt is more about just getting you there in dense urban areas if you still want to retain your own vehicle. You'll also turn some heads when you fold it up like a magician.

The design comes from Hungarian non-profit Antro which is focused on developing eco-friendly transportation - and scooters are rapidly becoming a viable solution. The company began development in 2008 and are now looking for additional funding to bring their ultra-efficient design to the public.

Antro anticipates the capacity for their own moderate production run of 4,000 scooters per year, and is expected to retail at anywhere between $3,100 to $4,600. All sales will take place via their website.

Antro via Gizmag, Inhabitat