Solar cover parking lot keeps your electric car cool and charged

Thanks to new car ventures like Tesla, the future of electric cars appears to be bright. But the lack of widespread electric charging stations could slow down adoption for the foreseeable future. To address this problem, Turkish design firm Nobis came up with a parking lot concept that's innovative yet practical enough that it seems almost inevitable that we'll see this become a reality in the not-too-distant future.

The V-tent is a solar panel charging station that powers your car while you're away. The foldable solar cover remains retracted to indicate parking space availability, and then slowly covers your vehicle when you pay to park in the space, converting sunlight into full batteries while keeping your car shady at the same time. A side panel features an LED light indicating the charging level of the vehicle, much like the battery indicator on a mobile device. The system as envisioned would also allow users to access the charging station's controls remotely via smartphone.

You can see an animated video demonstration of how the V-tent system is designed work here

Via DesignBoom

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