DropTag will snitch on anyone who drops your package

Credit: Cambridge Consultants

The DropTag is a low-cost and low-powered sensor created by Cambridge Consultants that uses Bluetooth low energy to monitor the handling condition of a specific package.

Here's how the DropTag works: the sensor records all of the shakes and drops it's subjected to during transit. When the package with the DropTag is within 164 feet, recipients can then use a smartphone app connected via Bluetooth to view its "health." If a package was dropped (by accident or not), the app will clearly display a "dropped" status. In a world full of DropTag tech or something like it, that would mean you could check what your package went through to get to your door, rather than signing off on smashed goods.

If you ask us, the DropTag seems like it's perfectly made to prevent situations like this.

As you can see here, the DropTag is relatively small:

The DropTag isn't available yet, but will be shown off at the Hannover MESSE 2013 show in Germany in April.

Cambridge Consultants, via Time

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