DIYers build prosthetic hand for 5-year-old boy

Liam is a five year old boy from South Africa who was born without fingers on his right hand. When Liam's mom stumbled upon a blog run by prosthetics hobbyists, Ivan and Rich, she contacted them and shared her son's story. The two were so moved that they decided to work together on a new hand for the boy.

Interestingly, Ivan lives in Washington state and Rich lives in South Africa, so these two completed the entire project separate of one another. The remote collaborators used a 3D printer, pieces of cable and bungee cord, and rubber thimbles to realize the design. Ivan is a part-time mechanical special effects artist and Rich, who lost four fingers in an accident in 2011, is a woodworker.

Because of this project, they are getting inquiries from other folks around the world interested in the hobbyists work. They made the technology they used on Liam's hand open source and started a campaign to raise money for their "Robohand." The tag line for their fundraiser is: "Prosthetic fingers for those that have lost them due to accidents, disease and war." See Liam testing out his new hand in the video below.

YouTube, via io9

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