Dad makes son incredible Star Destroyer cake that lights up

Credit: Lorenzo Wood

Lorenzo Wood wanted to give his son a very special birthday surprise, so he did what any loving father would do, and built the kid a cake modeled after an Imperial Star Destroyer. But what makes Wood's cake even more special is that it has windows and engine thrusters that light up.

Rivaling the light-up Death Star cake, Wood's 19.6-inches long by 11.8-inches wide Star Destroyer cake was made using laser-cut plywood and acrylic for the base and stand. He then used a 3D printer to print out the engine thrusters before attaching LEDs to them. To control the LEDs, Wood says he hooked them up to a board with a few Arduino microcontrollers. The base was then topped off with a cake made by Pouchkines.

Here's a video showing the cake in all of its illuminated glory:

Wood says the cake "went down well at the party." For all that hard work, his son better have liked it, or we'd have given him a cake to the face.

For a quick tour of the cake's building process, take a look at Wood's photos below, and flip through his flickr for even more. If you want to build your own edible light-up Star Destroyer, you can download the cake's source files here (zipped file).

Lorenzo Wood's flickr, via Geekologie

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