Watch this tiny, tiny car brave busy streets and highways

The U.K. television show Top Gear is a regular source of interesting automotive factoids and innovation, and one of its latest experiments is no exception. BBC host Jeremy Clarkson decided to insert himself into what may be the world's smallest car, the P45, and take to the streets of London to see if such a vehicle is a viable form of transportation.

Taking some inspiration from the slightly less diminutive Peel P50, another mini-vehicle piloted by Clarkson in the past, the P45 essentially puts a suit of automotive armor around a person and uses a helmet-style visor as a windshield. The show's producers recently posted a short video (see below) showing outtakes of the P45 being driven around the city.

And while it does appear to deliver a rather bumpy ride, the vehicle seems to hold its own while sharing the streets with other, larger vehicles. That said, getting into a crash in the P45 looks like it would probably mean instantaneous departure from the land of the living.

A full airing of Clarkson's somewhat harrowing trip though the streets of London will be broadcast this Saturday on the BBC.  


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