Gallery: Starfish closeups reveal vibrant otherworldly patterns

Credit: Alexander Semenov

Chances are you've probably never seen a starfish up close. That's okay; I was in the same boat. But now that I've seen Russian biologist and photographer Alexander Semenov's macro photos of starfish, I feel a strange compulsion to get suited up and go diving with an underwater camera.

Taking underwater photos isn't as easy as it looks, says Semenov. When Semenov first started, he only got a few good pictures during two to three months worth of diving trips. Determined to get better photos, he bought a new camera with underwater housing and strobes and kept at it. After four years of diving, Semenov now says he gets two or three good photos per dive.

One mistake amateur photographers make when starting out is expecting tons of great shots immediately. Good photography is the result of years of persistence. Looking at Semenov's gorgeous starfish macro shots, we surmise that he's a patient guy.

Alexander Semenov's flickr, via PetaPixel

(For the record, these are all "sea stars," as starfish are technically not fish. -Ed.)

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