We'd absolutely strap ourselves into these impossible park rides

Credit: Til Nowak

Humans, by nature, are thrill seekers. Why else would we leap from a 1,149-foot-tall tower or wait in line to ride the world's steepest roller coaster? The Centrifuge Brain Project is a mockumentary by German filmmaker Til Nowak that challenges the notion that brain activity decreases while riding high-speed, vomit-inducing amusement park rides.

In The Centrifuge Brain Project, Les Barany plays fictitious engineer Dr. Nick Laslowicz and walks us through his "Institute for Centrifugal Research." Through his deadpan performance, Laslowicz's tries to convince us that "gravity is a mistake" and that brain activity actually increases when a person experiences his terrifyingly impossible park rides. Obviously, as a joke, all logic is thrown out of the window.

Which fake ride is your favorite? We can't decide which one we like more, the altitude-extending "Wedding Cake Centrifuge" or the "High Altitude Conveyance System" that lasts 14 hours.

Til Nowak didn't stop at producing just a mockumentary. Accompanying the video is also a fake company website; complete with fake schematics for Dr. Laslowicz's impossible rides, which you can see in the gallery below.

Via Colossal

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