Man builds human-like sculptures from old typewriter bits

Jeremy Mayer is an artist with a unique medium: recycled typewriter scraps. That sounds pretty tricky taken alone, but this California resident has created even more of a challenge for himself with his "cold assembly" process.

Cold assembly means that he doesn't use any welding, soldering or glue to join together the pieces that turn into each complex and eerie sculpture. There's really nothing extra holding his pieces of art together — except more pieces of typewriters. "I don’t like the appearance of welding or soldering or outside fastening. It’s the same with woodwork for me, I like not to be able to see the joinery,” Mayer said in an interview with Humans Invent.

It can take Mayer as many as 40 different typewriters and a whole year to reassemble parts into a single sculpture. Now that's definitely worth an exhibit, but of the roughly 120 sculptures Mayer's created, all but one have been sold: "I have a hard time doing a show because I sell everything before I amass enough work to put one on."

If you want a custom sculpture, contact Mayer. It's hard not to appreciate work that's assembled with so much care: "I just use the stuff that’s there and I use it very much like in an Erector Set to slowly accrete little components that look like parts of the human body or the animal anatomy.”

Humans Invent, via Vimeo

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