Air-filtering bike helps expat survive Beijing's Airpocalypse

Beijing's apocalyptic levels of pollution have forced residents to remain indoors, don breathing masks, and even prompted the launch of a brand of canned air. Now one British expat has taken the pollution protection techniques to a new level by creating a smog-filtering bike and helmet system.

Created by Matt Hope, the Breathing Bike has a rear-mounted dust filter that connects to a 5,000-volt power generator and a breathing-mask-equipped fighter pilot helmet. Hope cobbled the contraption together using nothing more than random parts and a bit of design ingenuity, primarily inspired by the lung-clogging conditions of Beijing's air. The designer has no plans to sell the design to others, but as Beijing's pollution continues to soar to dangerous levels, we may begin to see more of these post-apocalyptic-style homemade solutions pop up.

You can see the Breathing Bike in action in the video below.

Via Core77

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