NYC's Guggenheim gets reimagined with a fantasy facelift

NYC's Guggenheim is an important landmark located in the Upper East Side of New York City. The spiral design is unmistakable, and it's a great museum to explore. Most of us wouldn't dare imagine changing the appearance of a building designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, but the folks from Oiio Architecture Office are a pretty brave bunch. 

Just for fun, Oiio put together a gallery showing off the changes it would make to the Guggenheim if it was ever asked to tweak the famous structure. The extension Oiio came up with would additional spirals to the top of the museum so that curators can pack more exhibits into the building. We think Oiio says it best with this description of the proposed changes:

Its famous ramps would continue their ascent “completing” the atrium under the glass roof. The vertical “completion” of Guggenheim would lead to the formation of an internal cone at the peak of which the circular ramp would become a homogeneous level, the last floor of the museum. The glass roof becomes a light source, diffusing it’s rays towards the interior.

However,  Guggenheim museum has become so iconic, so emblematic and hermetic in our minds that it can no longer be touched by architects! Even if his own creator were to propose an alternation of its form, New Yorkers would suddenly feel as if they have lost a dear old friend. In a building loaded with symbolism even the story of its alteration could become its extension.

Explore the collection of images below to see what Oiio imagines for NYC's Guggenheim. 

Oiio Architecture Office, via Dezeen

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