Make a weather station from cocktail leftovers

Drinking with friends is a common social activity. You chat over some beers or, if you're feeling fancy, maybe a martini or two. Little did we know that celebrating happy hour together tonight can turn into a simple, fun DIY science project tomorrow.

You can make a weather vane, barometer and rain gauge from your party leftovers and thanks to Popular Mechanics, and we're gonna show you how:

1. Aluminum-can wind vane

Cut a triangle and a trapezoid out of a beer can or pie plate to make the arrow's head and tail. Fasten the flattened pieces to the ends of a sturdy ruler by cutting thin slits into both ends of the ruler and gluing the shapes into place. Nail the ruler to a broomstick, using a washer in between to allow the ruler to move smoothly. Affix the entire thing to a fence post or porch railing.

2. Beer-bottle barometer

Drink a straight-necked bottle of beer, and overturn the bottle into a maraschino cherry jar. The mouth of the bottle should not reach the bottom of the jar. Add food coloring to some water; pour enough into the jar to cover three-quarters of the bottle neck. The water in the neck will rise when atmospheric pressure is high and sink when a low-pressure weather system approaches.

3. Post-cocktail rain gauge

Serve martinis, emptying a tall, wide olive jar. Starting from the base, mark every inch and half-inch increment. Place it away from overhanging branches to get valid results.

So there you go. It's your very own weather station, and all you have to do is drink. And eat an entire jar of maraschino cherries.

Via Popular Mechanics

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