Dyson Airblade Tap puts automated hand drying in your home

When our home appliances become self-aware, throw off the shackles of servitude, and start taking over the world, they will all have been designed by Dyson. Until then, a slick new device from Dyson promises to let you wash and dry your hands at home with the same germaphobic comfort you've become accustomed to in ritzy hotel bathrooms. 

The Airblade Tap hand dryer is Dyson's newest creation, taking what the company has learned about touchless hand drying and packing it into a sleek faucet you can install in your own home.

After washing your hands, simply hold them under the faucet's infrared sensors, which will activate a tiny 1,400-watt motor that blasts your mitts with HEPA-filtered air at 420 miles per hour for 14 seconds, drying them completely. According to Dyson, the faucet is not only more environmentally friendly by doing away with paper towel waste, but it also saves water due to its sensor-controlled flow.

Dyson's latest invention won't be available until March, and, being a Dyson product, will cost a bunch: £999, or just north of $1,500. You can see it being demonstrated in the video below, for free. 

Via Dyson

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