Digital pen vibrates when you make spelling and grammar mistakes

Credit: Lernstift

Every so often, someone decides that the pen needs to be reinvented for the digital age. Remember the Livescribe? This time around, husband and wife Falk and Mandy Wolsky are taking at stab at a new kind of electronic pen that tracks your writing and vibrates when it detects mistakes.

The Lernstift is an electronic pen that was created when the Wolskys noticed that their son was making tons of mistakes while writing. The Linux-powered pen has two modes: calligraphy and orthography, with the former buzzing when letters are written incorrectly and the latter buzzing once for spelling errors and twice for grammar mistakes.

Inside of the Lernstift, you'll find a bunch of motion and pressure sensors, Wi-Fi module for transferring digital transcriptions to a computer, a battery, and the Lernstift writing detection software. It also has an actual ballpoint pen, too, if you're still into ink. 

Perhaps the most appealing part of the Lernstift, other than all the mistake detection, is that it can write on air. Or at least, it supposedly supports air gestures that can be recorded and transferred to a computer.

Oddly enough, you can pre-order the Lernstift online before it comes out in August 2013, despite the lack of pricing info.

Lernstift, via Wired UK

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