Chocolate lamp makes for some sweet lighting

Alexander Lervik designed this chocolate lamp as a tasty curiosity. An incandescent light hides inside a big block of real chocolate, and as the light is switched on, the chocolate begins to warm. After roughly 15 minutes, the chocolate completely melts away, and you have light. And dessert.

Saas Instruments worked with Lervik to create Lumière au Chocolat:

The Poetry of Light chocolate lamp, unlike other lamps, is completely dark when you first turn it on, mimicking light spreading along the horizon at sunrise. The heat from the lamp causes the chocolate to begin melting, and it takes several minutes for the first rays of light to penetrate. Holes soon form and as the light grows the chocolate melts. The material and structure of the lamp are the result of pure curiosity. Alexander Lervik wanted to explore the possibility of creating a contrast to light, i.e. dark. The shape of the lamp has been devised based on extensive testing involving the melting process.

Lumière au Chocolat and other works by Lervik will be unveiled on today at Galleri Kleerup Jacobs torg 3 in Stockholm. Watch the video and click through the gallery to see Lumière au Chocolat in action as it starts out as a solid pyramid of chocolate and transforms into a functioning light source.

Alexander Lervik, via Core 77 and Vimeo

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