Bubble desks keep employees from socializing on the job

French architect and designer Christian Pottgiesser is revolutionizing the modern office. In an effort to increase productivity and inspire employees' creativity, Pottgiesser came up with these clear plexiglass bubble domes that create an individual workspace for each and every person. The idea of actually incorporating bubble desks into various work places and environments might seem far-fetched, but this isn't just a concept: at least one company in France has already adopted the eccentric design and is using it in its offices. 

Besides helping you ignore that guy sitting next to you who chews gum with his mouth open all day, bubble desks would also seriously cut down on the spread of germs and illness around an office, since everyone is relegated to their own enclosed area. But at the same time, you can see everyone else at their desks, since nobody gets to hide behind cubicle walls anymore, and maybe the constant exposure would make people more efficient.

Below, explore a gallery of the French company PONS + Huot using Pottgiesser's bubble desks. Would you want these things in your office?

Christian Pottgiesser, via MSN

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