Students try out iPads instead of textbooks

Credit: Image via Notre Dame

Textbooks, with their inability to check Facebook, Gmail, Reddit and Deadspin at once, seem so outdated. All they have is words and pictures that don’t tend to move. Well, two students at University of Notre Dame finally get to move into the 21st century: they’re getting iPads instead of textbooks.

Assistant art professor Andrew Murnieks and associate English professor Elliott Visconsi are offering classes that use iPads instead of textbooks. Students can lease them through the school’s bookstore, and all course materials will be free for students.

They’ll use it for out-of-discussion, using applications like Drive, iTunes U and iBooks Author, Twitter, Google Plus, Poll Everywhere and Flipboard.

“The goal is to experiment with a born-mobile pedagogy that includes a teaching and learning style with assignments, collaboration opportunities, software tools and strategies built for the unique experience and attributes of mobile devices such as the iPad,” Visconsi said.

The two courses that’ll be taught in the pilot program are, fittingly, “Introduction to the First Amendment: Freedom of Expression in the Digital Age” and “Introduction to Web-Based Interactivity, and Data-Driven Design.”

Next thing you know, this could be standard issue.

Via University of Notre Dame