Gallery: What movies look like before visual effects are applied

Thanks to the convincing magic of green and blue screens, most movies with a Hollywood budget no longer need to film on location or even build real sets anymore. Before VFX is a new tumblr dedicated to revealing what blockbuster movies look like before visual effects are applied, and it's pretty awesome. 

We viewers might not bat an eye when we watch a finished movie, but for actors and actresses, learning how to act with all the digital fakery around them almost certainly makes their jobs more difficult. Imagine how much harder you have to pretend to stare at, say, a green ball that'll be an alien's head in the final cut, as opposed to an actual alien head prop.

It's incredibly fascinating to see how so much of a movie is done with green screen. Even objects that you wouldn't expect to be green screened are. Collected below are some of our favorites, but there's tons more at Before VFX's website.

Via Before VFX

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