E-ink Android smartphone unveiled for the hyper-connected minimalist

Fans of devices such as the Nook and the newer Kindle Paperwhite are well acquainted with the practice of reading books and even surfing the Web using an e-ink device. But most would assume that the multi-media rich smartphone platform would simply be a non-starter for e-ink screens, but at least one company has a different idea.

Taiwan's E Ink has unveiled a completely e-ink-based Android smartphone prototype that handles all the functions of a normal smartphone but offers the long battery life and lightness (80 grams) of an e-reader device. According to reports, the battery lasts a week and the handset can accept any normal SIM card.

E Ink has created several prototypes in different form factors and is currently working with unnamed companies to possibly introduce branded versions of the device in the near future. Although the demonstration of the device clearly shows that, like most e-readers, the interface is not as snappy and smooth as a normal smartphone, though the device does appear to offer a better viewing experience in direct sunlight, and the cost (as low as $50) could be worth the high-resolution screen trade-off for some.

You can see the E Ink Android smartphone prototype in action in the video below. 

Via Laptopmag

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