Your phone is the controller for Google's new Chrome online game

Some believe Google is currently in the throes of an identity crisis as it shifts its device offerings between Android and Chrome, with the former appearing to be the favorite, despite the company's recent pricey Chromebook Pixel reveal. But a new gaming dynamic announced today indicates that Google is still hard at work developing new ways to pull users into the Chrome platform.

Chrome Super Sync Sports is a new game that allows you to play three different racing games (running, swimming, cycling) on the Chrome browser using your tablet or smartphone as the controller. No downloads or sign-ups are necessary, you simply load the game page on your Chrome browser, sync your touchscreen mobile device to the screen by visiting a special site (, input a short code, and in seconds you're playing a very responsive game within the browser. The coolest part of the set-up is that you can connect multiple devices (up to four) and make the racing games multi-player.

The entire experience is based on HTML5 technologies and works on both Android and Apple's iOS. The animation below may look like an illustrative example of the gaming concept, but it's actually an accurate representation of what the game really looks like. 

Via Google

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